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I started my freelance career just after graduation from University of the Arts in Philadelphia and continued to create caricatures for alt newspapers around the country, including The Philadelphia Weekly, where a majority of my illustrations were commissioned in the early 2000s. Other clients include: Universal Studios, Official Playstation Magazine, Star Wars Kids Magazine, Scholastic, Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine, The Source, Magnet Magazine, Harp Magazine, Keep-A-Breast Foundation, OC Weekly, & The Seattle Weekly.

Originally from Ocean City, NJ, I moved to the Philadelphia area to attend college and now live in Summerville, SC. My first illustrations were painted in oils on canvas, and then on claybord (a primed masonite surface) in order to give my illustrations a cleaner look. In the mid-2000s, I embraced the digital age by scanning my drawings and painting them digitally.

I have drawn cartoons and people for as long as I could doodle. I enjoy faces and have a knack for remembering people by their features. Traditional caricatures tend to mock their subjects, but I usually try to flatter my subjects through my style of illustration.

Some of these pieces took me many, many hours to create, while others I was only given a short amount of time to complete. At my busiest, I was creating 2-3 illustrations for the Philadelphia Weekly and other periodicals over the course of a weekend! I was basically a hermit in the early 2000s. I am forever thankful for the crazy, steady work I had as a young illustrator, as it was a great crash-course in the industry. I hope you enjoy my work!

Fun Facts: I was a guest Tweeter for Portlandia. I like Star Wars, dinosaurs, Legos, food, and pets. But not together.

My wife Erin and I co-founded McArt à la Carte, a ‘fun arts’ class destination for all ages in Woodbury, NJ. Check it out!

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