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Bob’s Burgers Season 8 feature!

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Thrilled to be one of the guest fan artists on the Season 8 premiere of Bob’s Burgers! “Brunchsquatch,” was animated with the help of more than 60 creative fans in three categories: character design, backgrounds, and animation. The show’s co-creator, Loren Bouchard, is a big supporter of fan art and came up with the concept. “We didn’t want it to be the ‘best drawings,’ we didn’t want slick and professional results, here,” Bouchard said in a statement. “We weren’t going for that. We wanted it to feel like it feels when you’re online and you stumble across somebody’s fan art — and maybe that fan is a kid, but some of those drawings have more life and energy in them than what we could draw.” Thanks to Bouchard, Bento Box Entertainment, and the cast & crew for making this fun episode Bob’s Burgers.

It took me a minute to recognize my own characters as they were in a daydream sequence out of Sex and the City. I don’t know the reference very well but seeing Lady Gene cracked me up. I’m still beside myself with the whole thing, hearing the voices I know and love come from characters I drew, it’s just crazy! Check out my 15 seconds of fame in the clip below.





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